March 12, 2014

Tendency for sagging and excess weight

Practice exercise outdoors. Exercise is important to reverse the tendency for sagging and excess weight. It is essential to healthy aging as it enhances the skin, hair, physical endurance and musculoskeletal apparatus, "says endocrinologist. Also essential is 'the outdoor life,
as sun exposure increases vitamin D synthesis', an essential aspect in relation to the increased risk of osteoporosis at this stage. - Have a careful diet. 'The number of calories we need to keep the body balanced at this stage is about 300 to 500 calories less, which implies a significant increase in weight if the power is not adapted to these changes, "says Tiara Rodriguez. To consume only the calories that the body needs and ingesting important nutrients, there are practical steps that should adopt.How to skin care See the following page: specific complementary treatments that may use Recommended Treatments Because all changes in lifestyle may not be enough, there is specific additional body shaping treatments that can solve problems that result from changes of menopause, such as localized fat. Here are some that you can use: - Lip massages LPG. It is a new technique of mechanical massage (ender boogie evolution of traditional) working subcutaneous fat, allowing molds it and drain it more effectively. After selecting the area to be treated, the patient contracts the muscles with the aid of elastic straps.

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The skin during Menopause

Menopause shaped Learn why enter this stage does not have to be synonymous with not like to see in the mirror Menopause shaped Denounced by immediate signs like hot flashes.
insomnia and skin and vaginal dryness, menopause appears between 45 and 50 years and marks an inevitable, new stage in women's lives. Beyond the emotional impact, the hormonal changes that characterize determine physical changes that play an important role in female self-esteem. "In the long term, as a result of decreased estrogen, have skin disorders, the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal apparatus," says Silvia Sarnia, clinical endocrinologist in I Care.Skin Care Based on your clarification and with the help of a dermatologist and a nutritionist will tell you what to do to minimize the impact of these changes on your image. Localized fat and weight gain "After reaching the menopause most women tend to gain or volume in the abdominal area or on the hips and thighs due to lower production of estrogens," says endocrinologist Silvia Sarnia. On the other hand, "have all a lower basal metabolism, which may lead to a generalized increase in weight." But why this happens? Specialist 'are the hormones that give us energy and, therefore, while maintaining normal levels promote increased wear of the body, helping the basal metabolism to be higher, "she says.

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Stretching the skin

Stretching the skin The 2nd level Adam ski method focuses on stretching the arteries in order to achieve an improvement of the venous and lymphatic circulation. The Stretching Artery Working 6 specific points and promotes blood acceleration using two properties of vascular tube (artery): elasticity and strength.
Are the elasticity and resilience of the artery that allow for continuous flow, whereas cardiac contractions propel the blood flows wall. The energy accumulated during cardiac contraction is transmitted to the elastic tissue which, in turn, propagates as kinetic energy. The arteries are distensible by its structure: the average of the large vessels, when it malfunctions, loses its flexibility resulting in arterial aging, the accumulation of fat in the veins, the problems of tired legs, rough skin, gray in color, among other because the bad blood irrigates tissues.How to skin careBlood flow is characterized by stretching the wall by increasing the pressure which leads to a contractive response of smooth veins average diameter decreasing and increasing the resistance vessels. With this technique we exaggerate this action causing a lengthening of the arteries. You must view an elastic band that deform by exerting a pull lengthwise, and it is this strength, elongation, it will provoke a response propulsion of blood through the narrowing of the artery and increasing its resistance. Over the 6-points propels the arterial blood flow to the foot. Once the arterial blood reaches the feet, he returns to the legs by "tubes" venous and lymphatic.

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Good health is necessary for the skin

Method Adam ski To enjoy good health is necessary to have a body that functions at its best with the best possible fuel: blood The blood nourishes the tissues can contaminate both, as may have the ability to rejuvenate.
Therefore, having a "bad blood" is synonymous with tiredness, a pale and mature skin or pimples, toxins in the tissues of excess waste in the return circulation (cholesterol, triglycerides, sugars, etc..). This framework, which can lead to disease, is not caused by the person's age, but bad for their daily habits and the misuse of blood through the body. Having good circulation is working well, have a light-skinned, a bright look, be fit, have enthusiasm, eliminate well, have a good bowel habits, learn to relax, rest, think and act positively.Dry Skin Care This circle, which preserves and rejuvenates all the tissues and promotes resistance, is perfectly compatible with old age, since it depends on the ability of the body and good use of blood everyday Rejuvenation The diet of Roy Welford has shown us that a body that is in great condition good use of blood from birth, without harmful factors (such as excessive smoking, alcohol, sugar, poor diet, lack of exercise, shortness of breath among others), could work well for 120 years. This means that, according to the way of everyday life, can be made more beautiful and younger than age 55 to 35. The true rejuvenation, natural rejuvenation that is in better functioning of an organ, the better drainage of a tissue, the better hydration, the best food, in being and act positively, is us with the natural tools that are at our Services: will be the beauty of tomorrow.

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Fresh and revitalized skin

1 month before At this stage switch must be moisturizing body care facial peels with lifting effect. We highlight some care options: Peeling salt and grapes The grapes have anti-aging properties that leave a silky, fresh and revitalized skin.
Lifting effect with electro stimulation Procedure that uses (current) electrical charges to various goals, such as combating sagging tissue and muscle toning Combined with the use of the cosmetic results will be even more effective Care flash effect Body or facial can be firming, lighteners, illuminators, moisturizers, among others. 15 days. Acne skin care before Two weeks before care will aim to improve and consolidate the results obtained so far. We highlight some care options: Exfoliation + engagement + Massage A complete ritual (face and body), preferably based on natural assets with pleasant aromas. This care must get the bride, plus more rejuvenated, feel a deep state of well-being, enabling it to release the stress that organizing a wedding naturally provokes you. To 3 days before Aromatic body peeling follows a smooth and soft skin without impurities.

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Anti-cellulite and firming skin care

Learn which rituals of aesthetics that will make him the perfect bride Beautiful Marriage Getting married? Then a few months the big day should plan how you will prepare your personal picture, taking into account the following areas: Aesthetics On your wedding day, the bride's skin must be perfect.
To achieve optimal results, this should begin at least six months prior to pamper yourself. You can start with body care: hair removal, anti-cellulite and firming care. Three months before the start should, as appropriate to each case facial. And when you miss just one month, apply specific protocols hands and feet and face, special protocols to restore Skin Care luminosity and hydration to the skin and also disguise imperfections. Makeup When missing about three weeks to the big day's makeup should make the first proof makeup. The features of the bride, dress style, accessories and floral details will influence the election of makeup, always taking into account the opinion of the bride. It should be taken of the time of marriage and the same label. If you celebrate the day, and subtle neutral tones should be used to convey a fresh and natural look, always with a small splash of color. If the celebration takes place in the afternoon, should use shades of intermediate intensity and highlight the area to look with intense tones.

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March 11, 2014

Sagging Amendment of the elasticity of skin

Sagging Amendment of the elasticity of skin and muscles due to disorders in fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastic Aging Time is relentless when it comes to keeping the ever youthful face.
But this is the most favored region when it comes to aesthetic resources, after all, are not lacking modern medical techniques and hundreds of pro-cosmetic rejuvenation. "Retinoic acid has great power reversal of wrinkles, but other acids, such as glycolic, vitamin C, the hydroxyl pro liana C and collagen stimulators are also very useful," says the dermatologist Loggia Kegs (SP). Features: lines and grooves start at the areas of greatest lateral movement as the eyes and forehead and then spread into cheeks, mouth and chin. Causes: chronological age,Skin Care low of female hormones after menopause, sun, smoking, stress, etc.. Treatment with retinoic acid peels, lasers and Quantum, Starlet, Farfel and CO2, and bantam toxin, and fillers that eliminate wrinkles immediately. Products containing vitamin E, which slows aging, and vitamin C, which is anti radicals free, fight premature aging. At home, the ideal are cream with mild acids, hormones and moisturizers and at least once a month a retinoic acid cream under medical guidance to deeply stimulate collagen. Furthermore, sunscreen daily. Also, lets smoother complexion, creating an illusion of fewer wrinkles and pores closed. "But remember, it is the effect of makeup, not a treatment," says Gomes.

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Remove wrinkles wrinkle treatment wrinkles around the eye

Remove wrinkles appear wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles under the eye with continued progress in age and old age where we note that the layer of epidermis which is the surface layer of the skin, taking into decay and corrosion,
which acts as a barrier to the external environment that protects skin cells become the less able to regenerate and less able to retain moisture appears wrinkles in the face and neck and wrinkles around the mouth and wrinkles around the eye, but not age requirement to be wrinkles because wrinkles could also appear in the early age relatively young adulthood is called in this case premature wrinkles in the adjacent image at the top that you notice the effect of wrinkles on Beautician.Skin Care Program before wrinkle treatment and after the treatment of wrinkles Focus on wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth in order to leave your own judgment on the difference? Therefore, you must follow the program to remove wrinkles , particularly wrinkles under the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth in the early period and abide by the appropriate period of time until the removal of wrinkles and get rid of wrinkles entirely possible to treat wrinkles using several methods, including medical methods such as the treatment of wrinkles by injecting Botox wrinkle treatment laser or wrinkle creams or natural way by using calipers to remove wrinkles ( Handles wrinkles ), which could be this masks a means simple high efficiency large in removing wrinkles around the eye to remove wrinkles from the face in general, and to get rid of wrinkles naturally safe and easy inexpensive. 's what here a Grips for titan wrinkles is Catches for titan wrinkles holder yeast Can treat wrinkles and remove wrinkles using yeast rich in vitamin B, which stimulates circulation and metabolism. Holder yeast wrinkled skin fits wrinkles oily skin dry skin wrinkles normal skin, which is a Half cup yeast + added to yeast milk warm (Normal Skin) or olive oil (dry skin) or 3% hydrogen peroxide can be obtained from the pharmacy (oily skin).

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Herbal remedies for lengthening hair and facial wrinkles

To achieve this must contain all the protein is not fully adequate amounts of amino acids essential that exist in the protein the other is full in small quantities, for example, can be integrated into one types of grains such as wheat or barley with one legumes such as peas or beans.
Needs rights to the proteins, however, infants and children need more protein as well as for pregnant women and nursing mothers may cause the protein is not sufficient in food energy shortages slow or unsafe and weak resistance to the disease. In developing countries suffer many of the infants and children's disease as a result of eating a small amount of food containing proteins in full or not addressed, may cause cases, Combination skin tips damage to the liver and death in the end. Disease caused by protein deficiency sharp as atrophy of muscles and swollen skin fluid that secreted by the body and a child is weak, strong and do not accept any kind of inconvenience not even feed the skin loses its natural color and is made ​​up by the black spots, and the disease can lead to damage of the liver and small intestine and a change in hair color black to red. Beauty of your skin with Vitamin "C" the importance of vitamin C is too large for the body: it is not only important for the prevention of colds, but also for skin supple and healthy. So we recommend you to take at least a share of the vegetables or fruits rich in vitamin C (oranges, strawberries or sweet peppers) a day. Considered vitamin "C" of important vitamins in our lives because of its many benefits and is essential for our bodies. It is not just protective of colds and respiratory infections, but it is of important vitamins for glamour and freshness of the skin!

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Secrets of the treatment of facial wrinkles

Treat the problem of the appearance of wrinkles face at an early age: There are many natural solutions fast that can be done at home to treat the problem of the appearance of premature wrinkles, and these solutions.
1. Put egg white under the eye area. 2. The use of castor oil on the area below the eyes and neck. 3. Massage parts of the face prone to wrinkles with coconut oil every night before going to sleep. 4. Put turmeric paste and sugar cane juice to get rid of wrinkles and slow aging. Skin Care 5. Massage areas wrinkled piece of fruit of red grapes. 6. Rub the face Pulp pineapple for a period ranging from 10-15 minutes. 7. Carrot Juice Drink daily in the morning, to get a bright face. 8. The use of coconut oil (coconut) to remove wrinkles skin, and freckles. 9. Massage places wrinkles using peel option. 10. Fat Face tomato juice mixture.

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Injection technology for plasma freshness of the skin and get rid of wrinkles

Technology plasma: Based on the stimulation of stem cell division that are primitive cells have the ability to divide and multiply to give different types of specialized cells as cells of skin.
stem cells responsible for the regeneration of damaged cells leading to the production of collagen self-body and tissue regeneration and reduce skin aging process (face - neck - hands) also can stimulate stem cells in the scalp. Cases involving the use of injected plasma: Skin Care Moz 1 - The freshness of the skin where the injection plasma works on renewal and the production of collagen are responsible for the freshness and youth of skin glow better. 2 - Easing facial wrinkles and hand lines as well as surface and expressive minute. 3 - Alleviating dark circles around the eye. To provide beauty and trouble to travel to American Center provides you with a thousand medical devices and the latest high-end services.

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What are the causes and treatment of skin wrinkles

The skin that do not heal from the inside is the skin quickly, not opinion? Precisely for this reason the house "Girl" to carry out many of the research, with emphasis on the role of small cuts (small molecular infect the skin tissue) in the formation of wrinkles in the loss intensifying, a specialist in the treatment of skin and rebuild tissue,
 the ability healing amazing bee products, and made ​​the house a catalyst innovative skincare effect and corrector for wrinkles. In 2013 and developed a program of care new consists of three creams: cream status renewed skin. Brings to the skin lax cohesion and polished features and comforts through a program consisting of three steps are: nourishing day cream nourishing day cream tightens facial features and improves clearly brighter skin and reduces impurities and leaves fed heavily and was holding it. The skin looks tight and dense and restores the suppleness and resistance and its ability to fluoresce face look young and renewed and sunshine.How to stop hair loss It also bathes the skin in a temperate climate and soothing moisturizer gives them comfort and attended to put make-up process. Nourishing night cream nothing compares to relax at night to comfort and restore fullness and elasticity to the skin and allow it to renewal. And nourishing night cream gives superior comfort for the skin and provides them with the essential elements of the transformation witnessed in the night in terms of intensifying. Night after night, is enhanced by the intensity of the skin and flexibility and face and regain his youth renewed. care cream neck and hand, upper chest with Protection Index degree 15 SPF 15 smoothes care cream neck and on the upper chest region and was holding it, as well as tightens the facial features, and protects it from environmental factors harmful through Index degree of protection 15 SPF 15 which helps to avoid the appearance of dark spots. The skin regains its intensification and maintains their shape day after day. Keywords: Last versions of beauty, with patches of skin, skin with wrinkles, skin with cost, skin care, in the fifties and older.

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