March 12, 2014

Fresh and revitalized skin

1 month before At this stage switch must be moisturizing body care facial peels with lifting effect. We highlight some care options: Peeling salt and grapes The grapes have anti-aging properties that leave a silky, fresh and revitalized skin.
Lifting effect with electro stimulation Procedure that uses (current) electrical charges to various goals, such as combating sagging tissue and muscle toning Combined with the use of the cosmetic results will be even more effective Care flash effect Body or facial can be firming, lighteners, illuminators, moisturizers, among others. 15 days. Acne skin care before Two weeks before care will aim to improve and consolidate the results obtained so far. We highlight some care options: Exfoliation + engagement + Massage A complete ritual (face and body), preferably based on natural assets with pleasant aromas. This care must get the bride, plus more rejuvenated, feel a deep state of well-being, enabling it to release the stress that organizing a wedding naturally provokes you. To 3 days before Aromatic body peeling follows a smooth and soft skin without impurities.

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