March 12, 2014

Good health is necessary for the skin

Method Adam ski To enjoy good health is necessary to have a body that functions at its best with the best possible fuel: blood The blood nourishes the tissues can contaminate both, as may have the ability to rejuvenate.
Therefore, having a "bad blood" is synonymous with tiredness, a pale and mature skin or pimples, toxins in the tissues of excess waste in the return circulation (cholesterol, triglycerides, sugars, etc..). This framework, which can lead to disease, is not caused by the person's age, but bad for their daily habits and the misuse of blood through the body. Having good circulation is working well, have a light-skinned, a bright look, be fit, have enthusiasm, eliminate well, have a good bowel habits, learn to relax, rest, think and act positively.Dry Skin Care This circle, which preserves and rejuvenates all the tissues and promotes resistance, is perfectly compatible with old age, since it depends on the ability of the body and good use of blood everyday Rejuvenation The diet of Roy Welford has shown us that a body that is in great condition good use of blood from birth, without harmful factors (such as excessive smoking, alcohol, sugar, poor diet, lack of exercise, shortness of breath among others), could work well for 120 years. This means that, according to the way of everyday life, can be made more beautiful and younger than age 55 to 35. The true rejuvenation, natural rejuvenation that is in better functioning of an organ, the better drainage of a tissue, the better hydration, the best food, in being and act positively, is us with the natural tools that are at our Services: will be the beauty of tomorrow.

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