March 11, 2014

Sagging Amendment of the elasticity of skin

Sagging Amendment of the elasticity of skin and muscles due to disorders in fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastic Aging Time is relentless when it comes to keeping the ever youthful face.
But this is the most favored region when it comes to aesthetic resources, after all, are not lacking modern medical techniques and hundreds of pro-cosmetic rejuvenation. "Retinoic acid has great power reversal of wrinkles, but other acids, such as glycolic, vitamin C, the hydroxyl pro liana C and collagen stimulators are also very useful," says the dermatologist Loggia Kegs (SP). Features: lines and grooves start at the areas of greatest lateral movement as the eyes and forehead and then spread into cheeks, mouth and chin. Causes: chronological age,Skin Care low of female hormones after menopause, sun, smoking, stress, etc.. Treatment with retinoic acid peels, lasers and Quantum, Starlet, Farfel and CO2, and bantam toxin, and fillers that eliminate wrinkles immediately. Products containing vitamin E, which slows aging, and vitamin C, which is anti radicals free, fight premature aging. At home, the ideal are cream with mild acids, hormones and moisturizers and at least once a month a retinoic acid cream under medical guidance to deeply stimulate collagen. Furthermore, sunscreen daily. Also, lets smoother complexion, creating an illusion of fewer wrinkles and pores closed. "But remember, it is the effect of makeup, not a treatment," says Gomes.

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