March 12, 2014

Stretching the skin

Stretching the skin The 2nd level Adam ski method focuses on stretching the arteries in order to achieve an improvement of the venous and lymphatic circulation. The Stretching Artery Working 6 specific points and promotes blood acceleration using two properties of vascular tube (artery): elasticity and strength.
Are the elasticity and resilience of the artery that allow for continuous flow, whereas cardiac contractions propel the blood flows wall. The energy accumulated during cardiac contraction is transmitted to the elastic tissue which, in turn, propagates as kinetic energy. The arteries are distensible by its structure: the average of the large vessels, when it malfunctions, loses its flexibility resulting in arterial aging, the accumulation of fat in the veins, the problems of tired legs, rough skin, gray in color, among other because the bad blood irrigates tissues.How to skin careBlood flow is characterized by stretching the wall by increasing the pressure which leads to a contractive response of smooth veins average diameter decreasing and increasing the resistance vessels. With this technique we exaggerate this action causing a lengthening of the arteries. You must view an elastic band that deform by exerting a pull lengthwise, and it is this strength, elongation, it will provoke a response propulsion of blood through the narrowing of the artery and increasing its resistance. Over the 6-points propels the arterial blood flow to the foot. Once the arterial blood reaches the feet, he returns to the legs by "tubes" venous and lymphatic.

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