March 12, 2014

Tendency for sagging and excess weight

Practice exercise outdoors. Exercise is important to reverse the tendency for sagging and excess weight. It is essential to healthy aging as it enhances the skin, hair, physical endurance and musculoskeletal apparatus, "says endocrinologist. Also essential is 'the outdoor life,
as sun exposure increases vitamin D synthesis', an essential aspect in relation to the increased risk of osteoporosis at this stage. - Have a careful diet. 'The number of calories we need to keep the body balanced at this stage is about 300 to 500 calories less, which implies a significant increase in weight if the power is not adapted to these changes, "says Tiara Rodriguez. To consume only the calories that the body needs and ingesting important nutrients, there are practical steps that should adopt.How to skin care See the following page: specific complementary treatments that may use Recommended Treatments Because all changes in lifestyle may not be enough, there is specific additional body shaping treatments that can solve problems that result from changes of menopause, such as localized fat. Here are some that you can use: - Lip massages LPG. It is a new technique of mechanical massage (ender boogie evolution of traditional) working subcutaneous fat, allowing molds it and drain it more effectively. After selecting the area to be treated, the patient contracts the muscles with the aid of elastic straps.

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